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Taking Social Commitments seriously





























Islamic Center of Topeka (ICT)

He is the President of the ICT (2012 to present) and in the past had served another 8 years in the same position. During his tenure, he expanded the Center so that more people can participate in its different activities.


He also improved its administrative functions and introduced different programs for both the young and old. He is always inviting the media and local community leaders to the different occasions celebrated by the Center in order to create better understanding between the two communities.


Annual Fund Raising events are held for the Center to help with renovations. So far  funds raised has been used  to extend meeting space, larger kitchen and utility storage, Udhu area and mortuary set-up.


ICT in conjunction with Let’s Help, Topeka, distributes about 200 Turkeys as well as Winter Jackets & Coats to the needy families in Topeka. The project when started in 2014 was a great success and it has become an annual event for ICT and Let's Help.



Even though these are voluntary positions, Rehan takes his social commitments seriously and plays an active role in any organization he gets involved with. He says, "We should always give back to the community which has given so much to us."


He gets much happiness and satisfaction when he sees the difference he can make by getting involved.

ICT Fund-Raising Dinner, Ramada Inn Downtown, Aug., 2014

Islamic Center of Topeka

Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway Project with Let's Help. 2018 is the fifth year of this annual event. 

Bangladesh Association of Greater Kansas City (BAGKC)

Past President of  BAGKC for 10 years. During its many social & cultural events, Rehan always invited the local media and mainstream community leaders. He also created a Group that helped the newly arrived students from Bangladesh who come to this area, to get settled in.


website :





Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA)

Rehan is the elect Chairman of FOBANA for the twrm 2021-2022. This is second time in this position, the first being in 2012. Rehan created history for FOBANA by initiating and successfully completing the HOUSTON ACCORD that unified FOBANA after 13 years. Currently he holds the position of Chairman of FOBANA’s  Cultural & Mainstream Sub-Committees.


FOBANA is a non-profit & non-political organization and it acts as the central contact point for Bangladeshi Associations and Organizations in North America. It works with these State-wide organizations to reach out to more than10,000 members who are Bangladeshi Americans residing in North America. Every year FOBANA holds a 3-day convention in one of the major cities of North America to celebrate and promote the indigenous culture of Bangladesh.

FOBANA 2012 -Ft. Lauderdale (above & left)

FOBANA 2014 - Los Angeles (below)

First time in history FOBANA being represented at Ekushay February by Chairman Rehan Reza, founder member Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury and Vice Chair Mosharraf Hossain at Dhaka, 2013



Historical signing of the Houston Accord - Unification of FOBANA 2013

Waving the Bangladesh Flag at the Asian Fair - 2014 in Kansas City (above)

Participating at the EEC Parade (right)

Ethnic Enrichment Commission (EEC) 

Rehan is a Commissioner of EEC and represents Bangladesh. He promotes the culture and food o fBangladesh through Fairs and Events organized by EEC. In addition, he is:


Board Member of  KU Medical Advancement Board & Kansas Film Commission Board


CONSULTANT to Topeka Rescue Mission, Let's Help, and Kansas Asian American Democratic Caucus.


ADVISOR of Mid American Asian Cultural Association & Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)

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