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RR V2000 Productions

Directing an unreleased Short Film - 2013

Scene from unreleased short film - 2013

Drama - Akasher Kacha Kachi

Short Film - Kongkal

Cast & Crew members of Drama "Ana Ana Pai Pai"

Scene from "Ana Ana Pai Pai"

Scene discussion - "Ana Ana Pai Pai"

Editing session - "Ana Ana Pai Pai"

Telefilm "I Miss You" - Director Nargis Akhter & Cameraman Tom

"I Miss You" - Scene Shot

"I Miss You"- Rehan with his co-stars -Lara & Patricia

Rehan & his son with cast members & director of "I Miss You"

Drama "Life Robbed" - Rehan behind camera

"Life Robbed"- scene discussion

"Life Robbed"- Rehan directing

Scene from "Life Robbed"

Outside Shot - "Life Robbed"

Editing Team - Bangladesh

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