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Always moving forward

Rehan is not one to sit still. He is always moving forward with lessons learnt from the past. He is always thinking big, be it for his business, his community or his social commitments.

The early years

Rehan was born in Baburail 1, Naryanjang, Bangladesh. He completed his High School (Joy Govindo High School ) and University (Tolaram College) in the same city. He then lived in Singapore for a short time to get a different perspective on life.


In 1985 he arrived in Los Angeles, USA to pursue a Bachelor's Degree which he completed in 1991. After his graduation he joined Church's Chicken Corporate Office as a Regional Training Manager. At the same time he started his MBA program at Cal State University.


Own boss

His tenure as Training Manager of Church's Chicken taught him the ins and outs of the fast food industry. So, in 1995, when an opportunity opened up in Topeka, Kansas to start his own franchise, he changed his status from an employee to an employer. He opened a Church's Chicken flagship restaurant in Topeka. Since then he has opened several more restaurants in different parts of Kansas & Missouri. Today Rehan employs 150 people and he's always looking for opportunities to expand his business.


Founder of his own Production House, Video 2000 Productions, Rehan has produced several short films, documentaries, TV dramas, and music videos for USA, Bangladesh and the international audience.

Rehan himself is an avid film maker and has

starred in and directed a number of his home

productions.  A few of his films have

been nominated for the USA Film Festivals.


Rehan's other business interests include supply

work uniforms, towels & linen for commercial

purposes, import & export of commodities &

branded apparels, as well as real estate





Rehan is an active member of the Kansas Democratic Party and is the first Asian to be the elected Secretary of the KDP. He was the Vice Chairman of the Party's 2nd Congressional Districtuntil 2016.  His involvement in Politics also extends to being the Founder Chairman & and current Chairman of the Kansas Congressional Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus. Rehan is currently in the midst of reorganizing this Caucus. His aim is to have a member from each of the Asian Communities living in Kansas be represented in the Caucus Committee. He feels Asians should play an active role in mainstream US Politics, be it in State or National Level, so as to stand up for their rights.



Community & Social Services

Rehan is the Secretary and Chairman of International Committee for Downtown Topeka Rotary Club. He has worked with his Club to successfully undertake and complete several community projects in Bangladesh and Panama City. He is also President of the Islamic Center in Topeka, Past Chairman of the Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America (FOBANA) & Bangladesh Association of Greater Kansas City.


Always a social worker at heart, Rehan holds Executive positions in different non-profit organizations in USA & Bangladesh. He is a Board Member of  KU Medical Advancement Board, Commissioner of Ethnic Enrichment Commission representing Bangladesh, Advisor to Distresssed Children & Infants International (DCI) & Mid American Asian Cultural Association as well as a Consultant for  Topeka Rescue Mission & Let's Help.






New Chairman of the Asian American Caucus of the KDP (above) and with the newly appointed 2nd Congressional District Members

Rehan directing a shot in one of his home productions

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