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Politics in his blood


From the early 1970's when Bangladesh got its independence his family has played an active role in politics till today. Rehan had his first taste of politics during his early High School days when he became a student leader and says that if he hadn't migrated to the US, he would would surely have held political office in Bangladesh. 


Being in the US, Rehan's dream is that the next generation of Asians should make their presence felt in mainstream politics, both in state and national levels. "This is the only way Asians can fight for our rights. "America is a melting pot and if you work hard, anything is possible here." That is why he is always working at the grass roots level to encourage and inspire the next generation.

Rehan first joined the Kansas Democratic Party (KDP)

in 2004. Since then, he has been a 

long-standing and progressive

supporter of the KDP. Over the

decade he has selflessly given his

time and financial support for the

just causes of the Party.


His credentials with the KDP are as follows:

SECRETARY Of Kansas State Democratic Party as of Jan 24, 2018

VICE CHAIRMAN of the 2nd Congressional District of KDP from 2012-2016


FOUNDER CHAIRMAN & CURRENT CHAIRMAN of Kansas Asian American Democratic Caucus. He is in the midst of reorganizing this Caucus to ensure that each of the Asian Communities living in Kansas are represented in the Caucus Committee.


ELECTED DELEGATE to attend the 2004, 2008, as well as the 2012 Democratic National Conventions.


CHAIRMAN of the Shawnee County Democratic Party of Topeka. Served as Vice-Chairman for three terms.





Rehan continues to give his financial support to Democrats who run for office on the local, state and national levels which includes State Senators, House Representatives, City Council and School Boards. 


In addition to giving financial support, he has campaigned and held many fund-raising events at his residence and other locations for Kathleen Sebilius when she was running for Governor of Kansas, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, US Senator & former Congressman Jim Slattery, as well as Congressman Dennis Moore, Raj Goyle and Tobias Schlingensiepen, amongst others.


Since 2004, he has been donating Corn Bread to the Kansas Bean Feed.



Participation at the KPD Bean Feed Project

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