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Kansas Democratic Party : Fundraising & Campaigning

School Board Fundraiser with Kathleen Sebilius - Feb 2015

Fundraiser at Home for Congressman Tobias Schlingensiepen

Congressman Tobias Schlingensiepen

Fundraiser at home for Congresswoman Nancy Boyda - Reelection

Fundraiser at home for Senator jim Slattery

Fundraiser at home for Congressman Nancy Boyda

Governor Candidate Tom Holland

Congressman Raj Goyle

Congressman Raj Goyle

Democrat Fundraiser for House - 2012

KDP Fundraising Dinner

Kathleen Sebilius

Senator Kelly

Senate Candidate Lisa Johnson

Election Watch 2012 - Ramada Hotel Topeka

Washington Day-2012

Election Watch 2012- Ramada Inn Topeka

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